PCG in Management Education

revatio cost walmart We have put our formal knowledge to field test for decades and developed a knowledge base, training material and wisdom to seamlessly align with less stated needs of younger minds: knowledge, shared experience and hand-holding; and derive value from flood of bookish knowledge with little direction for practical use; with confidence. Our approach would help self-discovery than impose our views on another.

aciclovir tablets uk Management education, to be effective, should be non-hierarchical, less prescriptive, experience driven, shared, open and need not be intimidating; in addition to exposure to concepts leading to employability; what a formal MBA offer as casual add-ons to the syllabi. Depth of competency gets exposed when confronted with shocks, which only an experience driven learning format can build. Understanding the individual to unravel the mind-set; recognise strengths, expectations, areas for dispelling misconceptions, motivations, apprehensions, goals, inner drive; we believe, are what quality education should focus on.

https://100churchst.com/38999-sporanox-price.html Our approach to Management Education: Understanding the ‘individual’ through personal interaction to unravel the individual mind-set; recognise individual strengths, expectations, areas for dispelling misconceptions, motivations, apprehensions, goals, inner drive and individual priorities, on enrollment in our program. Each individual will be able to use his/her innate potential, gain confidence and realise individual goals. On employability, we offer a focused seven day training program.

build http://spicygrasshopper.com/11687-rosuvastatin-price-walmart.html Our methodology: Understanding the individual through personal interaction to to maximise value from the proram. We don’t believe in ‘dos and dont’s’ as all reali life decisions are contextual and holistic, devoid of preset norms. We focus on outcome orientation, in sync with the emerging ways of the open world. We believe every individual is right in his/her own way, has much to contribute and prosper; may lack sense of direction from experience, guidance. Our program is meant to be a confidence booster and platform to bounce off one’s notions, ideas, mindset; without the fear of ridicule and learn from knowledge complimented by experience.

check paroxetine uk PCG puts into practice its formal education and practical learnings to bridge the gap between knowledge and its application, enhance employability of freshers, who battle disconnects and conflicts between knowledge from classroom education and its application in real world of management. This gap has led to under-employment, low employability, high turnover of freshers, low productivity; performance – expectation gap and poor career progression; leading to discontentment at all levels.

buy modafinil online legal Shortcomings in communication between teacher and the taught, mentor and the mentee, employer and employee; expectation mismatch, low exposure to the real world during formal academics, misplaced images of ones’ potential and prospects, mechanistic approach to teaching / training, overzealous claims by educational institutions, have led to this knowledge – competency gap.

look at this now We are happy to connect and work in tandem with educational institutions to bring in the needed real world perspective, application orientation, training and mentoring to students of management and other professional programs. Our intervention is expected to mimic an educated real life situation for the students to experience, even before their entry in formal organisation / work space, enhance emotional preparedness and maturity, ease integration with employer / work space culture and practices, prepare for the unexpected, enhance productivity. PCG would be a testing ground for learners without the risk of a failed take-off or crash. PCG is happy to associate with employers to ease integration & bringing on board of new recruits.

Emerging economic / global scenario demands innovative approaches to build capability, beyond meeting class room requirements complying with university standards. Education to build capability is beyond ‘education’ as certified by degrees awarded. PCG intends to take a major lead in the transformation of higher education particularly management. For typical academic support engagements completed visit http://www.primeconsultinggroup.in/mba-assignments/