Doing Business in India – Culture, Conundrum, Corruption, Creativity doing business in india Business environment of today has roots in historical evolution. Present ecosystem is a function of reluctantly embraced oriental collectivism and underlying desire for individualism of the accomplished driven by contextual convenience. Collectivism has roots in conflicting ideology of democracy and socialism, eulogised as socialistic pattern of democracy and ending up as hypocrisy. While collectivism / socialism are pretexts, masked individualism is the reality. This perennial internal conflict is the root cause for poor enabling environment, dragging productivity and realisation of potential. Conflict of espoused collectivism and practised individualism is fuelled by the need to meet conflicting demands of diverse society in a democratic set up. Exploitation of diversity to gain power by playing socialism for masses (illiterate, uninitiated, resource starved, sentiment driven, backward) and practising masked individualism to exploit the resourceful, using the power acquired, have become unspoken norm.

mujer soltera busca de sariego To understand this conundrum one has to spend time in India, experience diversity on ground, immerse one-self into it, be open to learn (the creativities), expose one’s inner self and then realise its hidden value.