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purchase provigil from canada buy Gabapentin 300mg capsules A team of experienced MBA Engineers from tier 1 institutions, in their endeavour, to infuse real world elements and practicality into Management education have ventured into Prime Consulting Group an integrated entity offering connected and holistic services in Management Consulting, Research, Education, Academic Support and Authoring to give life to decades of practical experience.

Our experience covers industry, consulting, management education, training, academic support, research and authoring.

The team carries diverse experience in consulting and education in global organisations; leading engagements in India as well as their own independent capacity.

Our promoters have authored the book ‘Know Your Enemy Within Bridging Knowledge and Practice of Management’ which is a learning from experience that we believe will add lot to the real world understanding of Management Students. The book is available at

Another book co-authored with two academician / consultant from UK is ‘Management Consultancy Through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective’ available at A distilled version of real world of Management consulting as seen by academics.

PCG is keen to use its formal education and practical experience to bridge the gap between knowledge and its application space, enhance level of employability of professionals who experience disconnect and conflicts between knowledge from classroom education and its application in real world of management.

This gap is believed to have led to under-employment, low employability, high turnover of freshers, low productivity, performance – expectation gap and poor career progression; leading to discontentment at all levels.

Shortcomings in open communication between the teacher and taught, mentor and mentee, expectation mismatch, low exposure in academics, misplaced images of potential and prospects, mechanistic approach to teaching / training, over enthusiastic marketing and claims by educational institutions, have led to this.

PCG is happy to work with educational institutions to bring in the much needed practical perspective, application orientation, training and mentoring to students of management and other professional programs. Our intervention is expected to mimic a real life situation for the students to experience even before they are in a formal organisation, enhance preparedness and maturity, ease integration with the organisation, prepare for the unexpected, enhance productivity. PCG would be a testing ground without the risk of a failed take-off or crash. PCG is happy to associate with employers to help easy entry and integration of new recruits.

PCG assists management students in their assignments, research / dissertation work. PCG can train students on proposal writing, data planning / collection / analysis, report writing, presentations; to enhance their perceived value by educational institutions as well as employers. Please visit

Emerging economic and global scenario calls for innovative approaches to build capability, far beyond meeting the class room requirements complying with university standards. Education to build capability is far beyond ‘education’ as certified by degrees awarded. PCG intends to take a major lead in the transformation of management education