About Us

PCG: A team of like minded professionals from IIMs / NITs. Our passion and competence lie in Management Consulting, Research, Academic Support and Education. For decades we have immersed ourselves in consulting, research, management education and academic support. More on our key promoter at Key-Promoter-profile.

Our Consulting space: Our consulting space comprise business strategy and plans; investment planning and feasibility; market research; organisation structure, process, systems, efficiency; engagements in infrastructure, development and social sector. More on key promoter consulting experience at consulting experience

Academic support: We assist MBA students in case analysis, data analysis and reports, SWOT analysis, strategy development, HR / performance analysis, complete dissertation from proposal, data analysis to final reports. Our clientele comprise candidates from US, UK, ME, Africa, Australia with varying demands on content and compliance to standards. More on our academic support experience at Academic-Support

Management Education: An involved participatory non-formal experience driven learning for the graduate / professional / new entrant is what we believe Management Education should be for the emerging times. Our training focuses on management basics; employability, drivers of success and emerging needs. We address what MBA programs may not address – but essential to make a mark in one’s career. We embrace those who have barriers to access to formal MBA programs. We offer an experience driven learning than a class room confined – certificate oriented one – an approach aligning with the changing needs. Our approach helps accrue value and utilise individual potential to meet emerging needs. ‘Education’ is undergoing transformation from ‘certificate’ to ‘competency’ and we like to lead this shift.

E Tutoring in Mathematics: E-tutoring in Mathematics by a trained experienced lady tutor for high school level for students in US, UK, ME and other geographies e-tutoring-in-mathematics